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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hand bag album

Here is the final project I was working on.  This is also a Kathy Orta design with my own little twist.  It is a hand bag purse for a girl's sweet sixteen.  I love this design and it is so simple to put together.  I thought it would hard or take long but it didn't.


Isn't it adorable.  I think she will love it.  Again I had to make it simple because she isn't that girly.  So I embellished the outside with a winged heart pendent to cover the magnetic snap.

The inside has two components.  The first is 6 pocket pages matted on both sides and binded with two binding rings that also secure the handle.  I also reinforced the holes with gromments.

In each pocket is one double sided photo mat.

This piece here you can find on the inside of the back cover.  I added a pocket and cut 6 pieces of cardstock, matted both sides and secured with a swivel clip from Tim Holtz.  I also made my own charm.

Finally as you can see they wanted a name so instead of adding it to the outside I put it on the inside but it can be seen immediately as you open the book.  I embellished the page with a fun sticker and left extra space for her to add any other fun pictures or writing or stickers.

Well that is it for now.  Now I can actually start working on my own stuff to display my daughter as well as my christmas cards and gifts.  Can't wait to share them with.

Back Packs

Hi again,
So this same family friend asked me to make albums for her neices boys to reflect there school year.  I decided to use Kathy Orta's back pack design and this is what I came up with.  I think they are the cutest things.


So as you can see one likes baseball and the other likes soccer.  I didn't take a picture of the back but if I did you would see two straps made out of the black belt material.

Here is the inside of one.  If you look closely there is a side pocket on the inside cover and the pages contain a full size page that flips up as well leaving four full pages for pictures plus and mat in the front pocket and the bag opens for a pull out mat.

This is the back of the page with a library style pocket that flips down.

The pages alternate including a library pocket peice in every other page.

I'm Back

So I have been away for a while since my surgery but now I am up and running and ready to go.  The surgery was successful and there have been no complications.  I have already lost about 30 lbs and have gone down two sizes.  I've been busy working on several projects as well while I was recovering and will try to post all the pictures up.  I've been a busy little bee.  I am now also an independent Stampin Up demonstrator so I will also be posting a link to my page there.  So check it out.


Baby Girl Album 8x8
I made this out of card stock and patterned paper for a friend of the family.
They wanted nice and simple so I embellished the front with a few flowers and buttons.

Here is the first page and I added a half page for added picture space with a hinge.

This is the back side of the front page with a little pocket to store goodies and another half page with a pocket and several mats to put photos or journeling on.

Here is the back of the half page and page 2.  As you can see it is just plain and simple.

Another pocket page with photo mats.

Big suprise. Another pocket page but this one is on the side instead of the bottem and I attached another half page with a hinge.

This is just another half page.

The back and next page.

The last half page.

The front of the final page.

The back of the final page.
 So it is plain, simple and to the point but the half pages, pockets and hinged pages add extra space for photos.  The book is held together by three binder rings and reinforced with grommets.