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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hand bag album

Here is the final project I was working on.  This is also a Kathy Orta design with my own little twist.  It is a hand bag purse for a girl's sweet sixteen.  I love this design and it is so simple to put together.  I thought it would hard or take long but it didn't.


Isn't it adorable.  I think she will love it.  Again I had to make it simple because she isn't that girly.  So I embellished the outside with a winged heart pendent to cover the magnetic snap.

The inside has two components.  The first is 6 pocket pages matted on both sides and binded with two binding rings that also secure the handle.  I also reinforced the holes with gromments.

In each pocket is one double sided photo mat.

This piece here you can find on the inside of the back cover.  I added a pocket and cut 6 pieces of cardstock, matted both sides and secured with a swivel clip from Tim Holtz.  I also made my own charm.

Finally as you can see they wanted a name so instead of adding it to the outside I put it on the inside but it can be seen immediately as you open the book.  I embellished the page with a fun sticker and left extra space for her to add any other fun pictures or writing or stickers.

Well that is it for now.  Now I can actually start working on my own stuff to display my daughter as well as my christmas cards and gifts.  Can't wait to share them with.

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